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August 2009

  1. Global English – a Paradigm shift
  2. How to develop a chess program for dummies 2
  3. Knol Mutual Aid Portal

July 2009

June 2009:

  1. The Global Brain…
  2. Twitter and Tweet from the Trenches
  3. Knol Analytics Guide

May 2009:

  1.  The Source of Ethics
  2. My Books of Knol
  3. Knol Site Metrics Reveal Good, Bad & Ugly

April 2009:
 1. Computer Hardware Guide – A Knol Collection
2. How to Grow a Salsa Garden
3. Interleukin 27 and its potential role in human sepsis
March 2009:
1. How to Save Somebody’s Life
2. Stock Market Poems
3. 30 SEO Tips for 30 Days
February 2009:
1. Knol Author Foundation
2. Knol Writing Tips
3. Health Fraud Knols
January 2009:
1. The Attraction Theory of Gravity and other Forces
2. Democratic Globalization
2. Knol Translation Points

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September 2009

30.09.2009 Knol Release

Boston Terrier release.
  • You can now embed Google Maps into your knol.
  • Add more support for citations with “Cite this knol” helper link on every knol.
  • “Current company” field is now used in author’s descriptions.
  • Follow Knol on twitter:

05.09.2009 Andreas Kemper
One of the Knols in the new Moderated Knol Collection PLoS Currents Fitness of Pandemic H1N1 and Seasonal influenza A viruses during Co-infection by Daniel Perez et al. makes a lot of buzz on scientific blogs and websites. The Center of Biosecurity (University of Pittsbourgh Medical Center) wrotes:

“The researchers found no evidence of virus reassortment in ferrets that were infected with both the pandemic virus and one of the seasonal variants. Additionally, the team discovered that the novel influenza strain has growth advantages over ordinary seasonal strains (H1N1, H3N2), and reassortment is not favored in vivo.”(H1N1 Dual Infections – by Amesh A. Adalja, MD, September 4, 2009)

Is Knol getting more and more important for scientific communication?

Winner Best Knol of the Month August 2009

02.09.2009 Knol Release
Tosa release.
  • We added a list of the top viewed pages to the homepage.  These are organized by the most views per week and all-time.
  • Author profile pages now include a list of categories that author has written about.  From that list you can find which knols fit in each category and which other authors are writing about the same category.

August 2009


Untitled embed
Robert Enriquez from Charlotte, NC asks: “Does Google value its own links for PR/Linkjuice? Google Bookmarks, Google Profile, etc. Reason – Google links never appear in Webmaster Tools”

21.08.2009 PLoS Currents – Announcing an entirely new approach to the rapid communication of research results and ideas. The first PLoS Currents focuses on influenza research.

11.08.2009 (Jagadeesh M)
Knol SEO: The Knol is about improving your Knol writing to rank in first page by following SEO standards and factors that can help you to reach your knol content to all your readers who search for similar information.
Don’t give a chance for your readers to miss your Knol
How to Improve Knol writing using SEO to Rank in First Page?

06.08.2009: Knol Release
Komondor Release.
Introducing: Moderated CollectionsA moderated collection is a special type of collection that allows the creators of the collection to have more control over the knols that appear in it.

Winner of the Best Knol of the Month July 2009

July 2009

29.07.2009 (Jagadeesh M)
Master Knol – Collections of Knols collection
A list of Top knols collections – The Knol of Knols.
An open collebration Knol that lists all top knols collections for Knol authors to help refer their specific and related industry Knol

July 23th 2009 Knol Is An Year Old Today;

22.07.2009 Knol Release

Xoloitzcuintli release.

  • Equations in Knol!  You can now add mathematic equations to your knols by specifying the small{LaTeX} markup into our equation editor.
  • We added a third verification type for the Name Verification service open to US residents. If you were unable to be verified using the other two methods, try out the Social Security Number based verification.

02.07.2009 Knol Release

Askal release.
  • Moderating changes to your collections is now much easier with a clean separation between text and collection item changes.

01.07.2009 (Andreas Kemper)
New Licence in Wikipedia

In all Wikipedia-Projects begins now the conversion to the new licence cc-by-sa. After this conversion have Wikipedia-articles the same licence as the most Knol-articles. Question: is it possible to copy and paste Wikipedia-articles into Knol, to make money with adsense?

Winner Best Knol of the Month June 2009:

  1. The Global Brain, the Semantic Web, the Singularity and 360-2020 consciousness to create the Web of WE: socially-voic… by Twain(刘)
  2. Twitter and Tweet from the Trenches by Bernie Borges
  3. Knol Analytics Guide by Peter Baskerville


June 2009

24.06.2009 (Jagadeesh M)
Opportunity for authors and visitors to share your ideas and suggestions for Ways to promote Knol Site and Knol Articles . This is a open-collaboration knol allows everybody to share ideas and suggestions to promote and improve knol site and knol articles through General thoughts, Soft Skills, SEM, SEO, SMO and other Internet Marketing areas

22.06.2009 (Andreas Kemper)
Googles News is experimenting with Wikipedia-Links. Some news have now links to Wikipedia-articles.

The Techtree News Staff beliefes, that “Google might add up Knol links to its News site”. I’m sceptic. Google is very careful. I think they will do it, if it is good for Google News. They don’t do it, if the link is only good for Knol. Maybe they’ll try it for the Arabian Google news, because Knol is there a relative strong ressource. What do you think? Let’s discuss in the comments.

10.06.2009 (Andreas Kemper)
You can use now the new Google Translator Toolkit.

You can use it for Wikipedia, but also for Knol! You find now in every Knol the text: “Knol translations Help translate this knol into your language”

If you follow the link, you can now use an automatic translation with very helpful features to correct the wrong translations. Your correction will be sent back to the Google Translator Toolkit and is used for other translations.

YouTube Video But if you can’t speak the translated language on a native-speaker level, you need proofreader. If you want to find proofreader, you’ll find them here.

More Activity Feed for your Knols. You can see the activity feed on the bottom of the right row. If you want to get the news about Knol, you can use this buttons.

10.06.2009 Knol Release
Pumi release.

Winner “Best Knol of the Month” May 2009:

  1. The Source of Ethics
  2. My Books of Knol
  3. Knol Site Metrics Reveal Good, Bad & Ugly

May 2009

Yorkie release

04.05.2009 Andreas Kemper
Winner Best Knol of the Month
Best Knol of the Month of April 2009 was
Computer Hardware Guide – A Knol Collection. Congratulations Alec Radford! But on the second place there are 4 (!) Knols with the same number of votings. So the Star-Ranking had to decide – but thats not very simple: What is better: 5 stars by 5 voters or 4 stars by 23 voters?

April 2009


Shepherd release.
  • You can now associate a Google Analytics account with knols that you own.
  • Support the Transliteration control in the title, subtitle and summary areas of knols.
  • Adding search for comments written to an author, on the author profile page.
  • Various bug fixes – including better support for non-logged in users coming to knol from other Google products in order to use Name Verification.
  • Knol in Arabic is hosting competitions in conjunction with the Universities of  Assiut (search), Alexandria (search), Cairo (search), KAIAC-KSU (search) and KAIAC-KFUPM (search). We are receiving approaching 1000 new Arabic knols per day.


Knol strengthens its international appeal

Knol in Arabic is hosting competitions in conjunction with the University of Assiut (search), University of Alexandria (search), and University of Cairo (search).

Knol has launched an Indian Cooking Contest (search), and is encouraging sharing knowledge in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam using Indic Transliteration.


Winners of the Knol for competition
Grand prize winner

How to Talk ...


How to Calib...
How to Make ...
Everything Y...
How to Make ...

22.04.2009 (Andreas Kemper)

Google Profiles is a new service. Some bloggers suggest this will be the ultimative social network. Others thought, Google Profiles is the frame for use Twitter and to kill Facebook. To verify your identity you have to use the Knol-verification.

22.04.2009 (Andreas Kemper)

The authors of a Google Knol entitled Knol Site Metrics have exposed extensive copyright infringement and system abuse at the popular website. Randy K. (The Judge), executive director of the Knol Author Foundation has plagiated hundreds of articles and wrote revisions with socket-puppets for his Knols. He apologized and resigned from his position as director of the foundation and he deleted all his Knols.
There is a crisis now in the Author Knol Foundation.

21.04.2009 (Andreas Kemper)

At this day I was wondering why my pageviews are increasing. I had an idea and looked at the Google-Search-Site. Et voilá! The German Google-Search-Site has promoted Knol with a link. And the Australian, French, the Arabian and the Spanish Google-Search are also promoting Knol. Maybe there are some more Google-Search-Sites, I don’t know. My Side-Impressions are exploding at this day.

Here you see one of my Knols. As I started it, I had 200-300 page loads a day. Then it goes down. At the end of october 08 the German Knol-Site was launched, there was some feedback in German newspapers and my Knol has for some days 200-500 page loads. But only with one link from the google-search-site to Knol i had more than 2.200 page loads at one day. In this week I had 20.000 pageviews.
Nearly 100 new Knol-Authors from Germany and 780 new Knols in French are results of this one-day-campaign.


The Wisconsin Knol Author Meeting– contact Chrissy K. at


Knol Author Base can be doubled if every knol author recruits one more author. A proposal by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.  in the knol

15.04.2009 Knol Release
‘Elo’ release.

11.04.2009 Andreas Kemper

Votings for Best Knol of the Month April 2009 have been started. There are new rules. You can nominate Knols and vote for them.

01.04.2009 Knol Release
‘Sharpei’ release.
  • Authors now have the same edit permissions as Owners, except that Owners exclusively have control over deletion, adsense, license changes, and ownership changes.
  • Authors can manage what interactions are possible, and what lists are shown on their knols. For example, authors can turn off comments, not allow unsolicited reviews, or hide the automatic table of contents.
  • We now ask review scorecard questions questions on each knol page.
  • Collaboration improvements: the edit button is more prominent, Moderated Collaboration is more reliable.
  • We will be introducing an author statistics section on an author’s profile page. Just start date and last active, for now — but more coming later.

March 2009

22.3.2009 KVSS

It is collection of poems/rhymes on stock market. The attempt was inspired another knol writer who wrote a collection of poems on California. Knolstorming in action. Knols give ideas on topics to write.

‘Dingo’ release:
  • GoogleKnol turned on category browsing for languages beyond just English.
  • GoogleKnol added an Indic languages transliteration tool. If you access Knol from India, you can spell out words phonetically in Hindi or in several other Indic languages, and we will transliterate the text into the native character set.
15.3.2009 KVSS
 Knol How to Contest has attracted 339 entries so far. While the contest is only meant for US citizens, some of the entries are from authors from other countries.
The knol How To Live Cheaply has the highest number of page views so far, 1470 and it is a five star knol. Knol with average rating higher than 4.